Exciting New Recipe Storybook

How to make banana muffins storybook

New Book Alert!!!

We have a new recipe storybook called How to Make Banana Muffins that we are VERY excited about, why? well, it is a World FIRST! (that we know of). Read on to find out the inspiration behind why we decided that a recipe storybook is the next BIG thing, and how it all works.

Why a Recipe Storybook?

Well, it all came about because my nephew Otto loves to read Star Wars books, sometimes the story ones, but often the ones with specs about the characters like height, combat skill etc. Otto is only 6, he can’t as yet read all this himself so it falls to my sister and her husband to read the books, and he loves hearing all about the characters specs.

When last year we were thinking of different types of books that we could create to stand out in the personalised space, a recipe storybook came to mind, based on the fact that children actually love hearing about topics that they are passionate about, and of course, it is educational. Cooking is a really important skill to learn, gives the child a chance to use maths, improves hand-eye-coordination and also helps them to understand where food comes from.

The Banana Muffins recipe storybook is basically a recipe told as a story, each instruction is illustrated to make it easy to follow and to prompt conversations on where food comes from, like on the olive oil page below there are olive branches. We have also added in funny characters like these monkeys to capture children’s imaginations.

Crack eggs into a bowl for the recipe storybook
Customisation of the child in the story

The Banana Muffins story can be personalised just the same as our other books. In the story there is an adult who helps the child with things such as taking the muffins out of the oven, the adult can be male or female, the hairstyle and colour, eye and skin colour is selected for them so you can really make it look like you or an Aunt/Uncle etc. The child can also be customised in terms of gender, hairstyle and colour, eye and skin colour. You really can put YOUR child in the story.

With the How to Make Banana Muffins book you can enjoy reading the story together and then enjoy making the muffins together.

I should also mention that this recipe is healthy…. there is no sugar in it, just the natural sugar of the banana’s which will be a winner with parents!

The How to Make Banana Muffins book is slightly smaller than our other books, just 18cm x 18cm so that it is easier to use in the kitchen. This book is perfect for children 7 and under to use with an adult or for children 10 and under who can read and follow along on their own – giving them a real sense of accomplishment without making them feel that it is a babyish thing to be doing.

So what are you waiting for? Jump online and customise your characters now…..

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