Help to Stop the Coronavirus

Stop the coronavirus through good handwashing

The Coronavirus has literally taken over the whole world and has lots of people worried and tired. As many world leaders have told us the best way to stop the coronavirus is through staying home, social/physical distancing and handwashing.

When it comes to handwashing personally I think that grown-ups think “I know how to wash my hands, been doing ok for years” But do they? The World Health Organisation has strong recommendations on how to wash your hands correctly to stop the coronavirus, but are we actually doing it? I have to admit that I wasn’t doing the full 20 seconds and the full thoroughness required…

Having five nieces and nephews all under 10 I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that there is NO WAY that each of them is washing their hands properly every time and for the right amount of time. Growing up I have to say I don’t remember learning to wash my hands, not really, the instructions were to use soap, but not about all those germs and viruses that are on your hands that you can’t see.

All this lead me to realise that handwashing education is needed, not just for children, but adults too. That is a MASSIVE benefit of a storybook, the adult reads it to the child, therefore both are potentially learning, not just the child. Out of this came our new Handwashing Storybook.

handwashing and viruses storybook

Here is our new storybook. It explains what viruses are, where they are and how they are so tiny that you can’t see them. Why handwashing with soap and water is so important to stop it spreading and how to wash your hands properly with easy to follow diagrams.

As with all our storybooks, you can put your child in the story and customise them by gender, name, hairstyle, hair, eye and skin colour. We have also introduced a fourth skin colour in this book, after feedback from readers that there wasn’t enough options!

I wrote this book to help spread the word about proper handwashing to the wider community. The book can be created and read online for free, and of course you can also buy a copy.

I am really pleased to say that when I mentioned this book to the wonderful team at P&G they immediately wanted to be involved to educate as many people as possible. Please share this post with friends and family to help us educate as many people as possible about the importance of handwashing correctly.

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