Story Time – The Christmas Present

The Christmas Present, is our fabulous Christmas story illustrated by Kat and written by me. I was inspired to create this story for a few reasons,
1) I know how much children love being Santa and giving out the Christmas presents…
2) I know how upset children can get if there isn’t a present for them, however well behaved they are!
3) I love Christmas and loved the idea of being able to include the whole family in the story, because really that is what Christmas is all about – family, not the presents.

Here I am reading The Christmas Present, at not the best angle I know, but the angle that if you are a small child that you would see the book from, so realistic! In this story the story star gives out everyone’s present, but can’t find his/her own. I love the drawings that Kat has done to make this feel like an Aussie Christmas with thongs, shorts and no snow! So many Christmas stories are all based in the European climate with snow and cold, which doesn’t happen down under.

The Christmas Present book can be customised for all the characters, Mum, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt, sibling/cousin/friend, cat and dog and the child. Of course you don’t have to use those names or those roles you can make them whatever you like. Make a neighbour the Aunt character, or the Grandma a teacher, it really is up to you to decide what you want. I do worry sometimes that by putting names in the boxes we are pushing people down one route, but at the same time it makes it easier for people to understand the story if there are character names.

If you are someone who has a Christmas book collection that you bring out on December 1st this is the perfect addition to it. It is great to have traditions and rituals that add to an event, and saving Christmas stories for the silly season is definitely a good way to keep the time special. You can read those books even if you are a grown up – trust me 🙂

What is your favourite Christmas story? I’d love to know in the comments below….

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