Storybooks for 2-5 years

The kids are at an age where they are able to get involved in activities and really have fun with you.  Now is a great time to introduce the joy of cooking with our recipe storybooks.  Improve hand-eye coordination, learn their numbers and start to understand healthy eating.  At this age all the personalised recipe storybooks can be done with an adult.  Reinforce the importance of handwashing in the handwashing book and settle down for an adventure story (while eating your creations).

Learn how to make raspberry breakfast balls where YOU are the chef!

The Whys and Hows to handwashing with you in the story AU$20

Be the Chef in this recipe story.  Enjoy it as a story or follow it as a recipe

Learn about recycling, the importance of natural habitats as you save the swamp!

Make these delicious healthy Sweet Potato Brownies in this recipe storybook AU$24.99

Can your child save the city from the rampaging dinosaurs?  Include the whoel family in this adventure

Double the fun with 2 recipe storybooks
AU$44.99 SAVE $5

The Ultimate Gift – a Personalised Recipe Storybook at your door every month
AU$22.49 per month

Gift Packs & Accessories

Personalised How to make Banana Muffins recipe storybook with matching kids apron AU$39.99 SAVE $5

Personalised storybook how to make Cheesy Quinoa crackers with kids apron AU$39.99 SAVE $5

The perfect present, two recipe books with kids apron  AU$64.99 SAVE $5

A fantastic kids size apron for cooking in the kitchen!  AU$19.99

Cook up a storm with this fabulous gift pack!  AU$39.99 SAVE $5