7 Days Into Kickstarter

We have canceled our Kickstarter campaign, but you can still preorder here and get the Kickstarter deal!

storybooks on Kickstarter

Our Kickstarter campaign kicked off last Tuesday achieving 10% of our $10,000 target in just 2 hours! WOW!

Storybooks on Kickstarter

You may be wondering why I turned to Kickstarter to launch the new recipe storybook series? Well, there were a few reasons…
– To get more brand exposure, rather than just putting it on the website, this is a way to be seen by potentially thousands of people
– Storybooks on Kickstarter seem to have a mixture of success, to start with there aren’t actually that many, which could be a good or bad thing, I chose to think of it as a good thing
– Forces us as a business to really focus on marketing and sales for a time period, I often find that you get all fired up and do something well for a while, then it falls off, but with Kickstarter we are investing a lot of time and money so this will really focus us
– It gives us the money up front to develop the series, rather than spending and then recouping. Having said that $10,000 will not pay for all the book illustration, but it definitely gives us a start
– A way to measure demand. We did an expo a few weeks ago, where there was a lot of fantastic feedback on the personalised recipe storybooks, but that was a smallish group of people. By putting this on Kickstarter we are reaching a global audience and therefore global feedback!

Promotion So Far

I have read so much about what you should and shouldn’t for a Kickstarter campaign, but at the end of the day I think it is about knowing your audience. This is what I have been doing to promote the campaign, I will report back at the end as to what was most effective…
– Facebook ads in Australia, UK, USA and NZ
– Press release to Australian, USA and UK media focusing on business and parenting (I have a fabulous freelance PR who I work with)
– Video for the campaign which is being spruiked everywhere made by Bake
– Emailing our database
– Emailing friends and family
– Posting in the slack groups I am part of
– Posting on LinkedIn
– Blog on this website
– Facebook and Instagram live’s for launch day
In all social media and emails I have asked people to share the link, lots of people want to help, but won’t necessarily want to buy a book and this way they can.

Kickstarter to Date

Since last Tuesday we have now raised $1988 which is nearly 20% of our target. The harder work needs to start now to promote the campaign to get the other 80% of the pledges we need, so I better go do that!

To pledge go to https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/storyantics/you-become-the-chef-in-a-personalised-recipe-storybook

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