Enjoy The Cheeky Owl Read Aloud

Want to know what The Cheeky Owl is all about? Here I am reading The Cheeky Owl storytime for you to enjoy. Grab a glass of milk or a cup of tea, apple or biscuit and settle in for storytime.

The Cheeky Owl story book was written by me inspired by my 4 year old niece Eleni who has a BIG collection of toy owls that she loves to bits. Her favourite owl is Lulu, hence why the owl in this story is called Lulu – but you can change the owl’s name and it’s colour from brown to red to purple, whatever you choose. My niece lives in the UK and a few months ago I called her up and on Facetime her owl just kept pooping on her Dad’s head, my head (on the phone) and her little sister’s head, hence the idea for the story was born…. Needless to say my brother is now asking for book royalties as Lulu’s agent!

The Cheeky Owl storytime is a great opportunity to sit down, relax, have a snuggle with your child while you enjoy watching and listening to The Cheeky Owl read aloud. Plus it’s on our YouTube channel along with other Story Antics books read aloud that allow you to enjoy our books without leaving home, reading aloud or even turning the pages! Talk about easy 🙂

The Cheeky Owl book has quickly become one of our bestselling stories, probably because of the pooping! It is one of my favourites because I just love the illustrations that Emma did and that it isn’t a run of the mill storybook, but something a bit different and quirky. Depending on the popularity over the next few months we may have to have a sequel….. But what could happen in book two? Pop any ideas below I’d love to hear.

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