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Has a fly ever bothered you? Would it keep coming back when you tried to wave it away? This family has the same problem. There is a pesky fly in their house driving everyone crazy. Find out what that buzz-buzz-buzzing fly is up to. What will happen


Matthew the Mouse" is a delightful story about a mouse who lives in a hole in the ground but the rain has forced him to look for another home. It is a humorous rhyming book about his adventures in his search for a new home.


I, Janet Whitchurch, made this story up in order to keep my son entertained when he got impatient waiting for something, such as going back to swim after eating lunch or on long drives. I told it to him many times and also told it to his brother and

$10.00 $12.95

Enter the world of the Magic Folk. A world of Fairies, Elves, Witches, Warlocks, Gnomes, Trolls and much more... An enchanting world full of magic, both good and evil. Follow the adventures of four Aussie cousins as they find themselves thrust into


This picture book follows three little owlets, Olivia, Owen and Oakley, born in May of this past summer, and their growth from egg to fledgling. The owls became the hit of our neighborhood, with many observers, birdwatchers and neighbors flocking to


It’s the summer of 1923 and two cousins hunting for hidden gold stumble on an eyeless body. Was the death an accident? Fourteen-year-old Tom Wallace is convinced it was murder and drags his older cousin, Will, into a harrowing struggle against a s


Did you ever want to make a friend happy? That happened to Giraffe when he wanted to have a party for his friend Chimpanzee, but there’s one problem that’s stopping him. Where can he have the party? He asks his friends for ideas, but for one rea

$12.00 $9.50

This is a book about persistence and about a family working together as a team. The illustrations were done by my daughter (yes, she gets equal pay). This is a book for anyone who loves going for bush-walks in spring. We hope you enjoy it.


This is Book 3 in the series - Sophie and Scottie's adventure on a remote pacific island was amazing, but it was now time to return to Shear Heaven Ranch by riding on horseback through their magical crystal picture frame! As the fraternal twin siste

$12.99 $14.99

Small! Small! Small! Pint-Sized Pauley is helplessly and hopelessly CHALLENGED – vertically, that is! Even worse: Pauley doesn’t like himself very much. In fact, he doesn’t like himself at all! He wishes he was tall, but he's simply small. And

$9.95 $11.95

When is a lighthouse not a lighthouse? Did Sam, Becky, and their friends cross the Cape Fear River just to get to the other side? In book two of their North Carolina lighthouse adventure, what started as a summer vacation on North Carolina’s Oak I

$8.95 $9.95

Rain puzzles and puzzles reign, when friend and foe come round again. In the third and last book of their North Carolina lighthouse adventure, Sam, Becky, and friends Troy, Andrew, and L.C. are doing their best to help the ghost of Stede Bonnet clai


Becky is the math whiz, but Sam is pretty sure he can count to four—or can he? In book one of their North Carolina lighthouse adventure, Sam and Becky have visited a lot of lighthouses during their summer vacations (helping Mom and Dad write their


In book three of their Michigan Lighthouse adventure, Sam and Becky are sure they can help their new friend Tom Adams—well, pretty sure. After all, Tom is a ghost who has been dead for about 100 years. Sam and Becky and their mom and dad are visit


Visiting all the lighthouses on Michigan's Upper Peninsula was not Sam and Becky's idea of an exciting summer—until they meet a ghost who has been haunting the lighthouses for almost 100 years while looking for riddles. In book two of their Michig


Ms. McNair has big hair. It's not a secret, she's aware, but there is definitely something a little odd about our teacher's hair. It's almost like it has a mind of its own. Or does it? Come along on this rhyming adventure and find out what makes Ms.

$9.95 $14.95

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