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Bloodline: A Tale from the Town of Harmony

You Can’t Choose Your Family Not many girls Sophie Holden's age would be able to care for a little brother and a dying mother. It's taken just about every bit of strength she possesses. Relief comes in the form of a rich distant relative they didn't even know they had named Nikolas Kesler, who wants to take Sophie and her family to his home in Harmony, a small town in Northern California, where he can care for them. It seems too good to be true. But what other choice does Sophie and her family have? They can no longer manage on their own. They have no choice but to accept Nikolas' offer. Once they do, and once they settle in Harmony, Sophie soon discovers Nikolas' secret, along with those of her newfound friends, and the town of Harmony itself. Nikolas also has a powerful enemy who is not above using Sophie and Peter to get at him. Sophie has had to endure much in her young life. However, with the support of Nikolas and her new friends, she discovers reservoirs of strength she never knew she had, and she will need all of that and more if she wants to protect herself and her brother.

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Bloodline: A Tale from the Town of Harmony

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You Can't Choose Your Family. Bloodline: A Town from the Town of Harmony. Book 3 in the Horror in Harmony Series.

Dan O'Mahony

Sun Lakes, United States

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