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Where We Found Home

Where We Found Home details the inspiring story of how a special children's home in Kenya came to be the life-giving place it is today. It tells of how an American couple moved to Kenya and began rescuing abandoned babies until they built a large children's home on a beautiful piece of land that is now home to a couple hundred children who otherwise would not have a place to go. The story is also written with an attempt to teach what it is like to live outside of America and what a day in the life of the children in this home look like. The overarching goal of this book is to spread the hope and inspiration that good exists in this world and we can play a part in that good. For more information on the author and her book, visit http://www.alysonldacosta.com/. And for more information about the children's home this book was inspired by, visit https://rehemaforkids.org/.

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Where We Found Home

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An inspiring and hope-filled story about a special children's home in Africa. It tells how the home started, what the children's days look like living in the home, and educates children about other cultures and places!

Alyson DaCosta

Alexandria, United States

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