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A Stairway to Danger

It’s the summer of 1923 and two cousins hunting for hidden gold stumble on an eyeless body. Was the death an accident? Fourteen-year-old Tom Wallace is convinced it was murder and drags his older cousin, Will, into a harrowing struggle against a shadowy group. Not even attempts on their lives can stop the boys from relentlessly pursuing the mystery. But when their curiosity leads them to investigate a derelict barge, what they find is bigger and more dangerous than anything they could have imagined. A STAIRWAY TO DANGER is a fun-filled thriller with humor and adventure in a Twain-like setting. The first book in a three book series. Recommended for age 10+ due to mild violence and language.

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A Stairway to Danger

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An eyeless body, a menacing stranger, and a tangled mystery.

Ben Woodard

Lexington, United States

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