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Tanya Zabinski

14170 West Falls,  New York,  United States

Tanya Zabinski views life as the ultimate artwork, and aspires to live an artful, heartful, and mindful life. She is a recipient of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators Tomie dePaola Award. She studied art, design, music, and philosophy at Buffalo State College, Parsons School of Design and Kansai Gaidai University in Japan. Using a self-invented reduction process with silkscreen printing, Tanya combines strong composition and flat color to create bold, graphic, eye-catching images. A true community artist, Tanya and her husband, Joe DiPasquale, co-founded the Elmwood Avenue Festival of the Arts in Buffalo, NY. For 25 years they have run Planet Love (planetlovedesigns.com), their own art-based business, exhibiting at more than 20 outdoor art and music festivals per year. Instantly recognizable to those who know and love her art, Zabinski's prints reach a wide audience through printing on the accessible media of T-shirts, banners and paper. She is a life-long yoga and meditation practitioner, bicyclist, camper, hiker and because she lives in the very snowy hills south of Buffalo, NY, a cross country skier.

Tanya Zabinski is an author and artist living in the snowy hills south of Buffalo, NY.

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