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Jean Peel Author

4179 Brisbane,  Queensland,  Australia
I was born in Glasgow, Scotland and emigrated to Queensland, Australia in 1969, aged twenty-four. Five years later, I married a Brisbanite and we spent more than fifteen years in isolated communities, from Bamaga in Far North Queensland to finally coming home to Brisbane in 1989. I wrote my first story at about ten years of age, but binned it a few years later. There were giants and pixies, and trees that talked. Life may have turned out rather differently if I'd heard of J R R Tolkien at that age. They say cats have nine lives, so there are nine stories about Aunt Sally's adventures already written, but only the first two have been published.
I love writing in rhyme. Aunt Sally is such an intrepid old grey cat, her lifetime adventures lend themselves to be told in rhyme. And what little child doesn't appreciate rhyming words.

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