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Ballerina Birdies

This is a story book as well as a coloring book! Only the cover of this book is in color. The book is lavishly illustrated in black and white by Jessica Orfe, an artist and a dancer. Her line drawings, inspired by many years of dancing ballet, jazz, and modern, express her love of movement. She hopes that readers will share the joy of Ballerina Birdies, and the visual movement reflected in her illustrations! "As they say in the theater world of the multi-talented, these birds are triple-threat performers: They can sing, dance, and fly!" says Yamamoto. "I intended this book to be multifaceted as well. It is entertaining, educational, encouraging, and serves as an activity book should a child want to color it in. Parents can expect both reading and dance vocabularies to expand. And, don't be surprised to hear the child repeating lines, capturing the delightful rhythm and rhyme." "Illustrating Marina Yamamoto’s Ballerina Birdies was a joy!" adds Orfe. "The book not only features the dance potential of an array of avians while incorporating ballet terminology throughout the story–it also conveys to readers a lively, inviting dynamic surrounding a ballet world where dancers come in all shapes and sizes. If you grew up taking dance classes you will reminisce. As an artist and dancer, I felt happy to animate Marina’s characters! Who can forget the classic ballet, Swan Lake, where ballerinas take on the becoming gestures of graceful swans? In Ballerina Birdies, adults and children alike can share the joy of reading Marina's sweet poems and while coloring in my visions of her balletic feathery friends."

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Ballerina Birdies

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Ballerina Birdies is a lively presentation of young birds dancing ballet. Training begins as soon as they leave the nest. Parrot feels better when he dances, Little Quail prefers water ballet, and the ducklings thoroughly enjoy the performance! A poetic and educational work that introduces some basic ballet terminology, Ballerina Birdies encourages stick-to-it-ness and sincere effort. A fun book with "Color-Me-Please" images for you to add your own creative touch.

Marina Yamamoto

Kapolei, United States

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