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The Fisherman and the Fish

This is a story that is very similar to a Grimm's Fairy Tale, but has been given a Russian character by Pushkin. It is really a story about greed and asking for too much. The illustrations capture historically accurate images of Russian culture and life as well as enhance the story line. Pushkin is one of Russia's most beloved writers, but his work is not often translated because his verse style makes that difficult if not impossible. In this story, the verses do not rhyme so it was possible to translate it.

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The Fisherman and the Fish

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A Fairy Tale written by A.S. Pushkin in 1836. It is about a fisherman who catches a golden fish who speaks to him and asks to be tossed back to sea. The fish promises that it will grant the fisherman any wish if he will let her go. The fisherman agrees and asks for a simple washing trough, but his wife has grander ideas.


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